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Breast Augmentation Model

Breast Augmentation Revision

The vast majority of breast augmentation patients are pleased with their surgical result. However breast augmentation revision, or secondary breast augmentation, may be necessary in some instances for women who do not like their new appearance or who are experiencing complications from surgery. Patients who have had breast implants for many years may be candidates to have their implants repositioned or replaced. Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Wesley Schooler has helped many breast augmentation revision and replacement patients achieve and maintain exceptional results.

Breast Augmentation Complications

Breast augmentation revision surgery may be necessary to correct complications that occur after surgery. A condition known as capsular contracture may develop, if excess scar tissue forms around the breast implants, causing a feeling of tightness and firmness in one or both breasts. Revisionary surgery may be needed. Removal or release of the scar capsule can improve breast shape and softness, and usually eliminate the discomfort. Revisionary surgery may be necessary to remove or replace implants that have been damaged (such as a motor vehicle accident), or ruptured or deflated. Over time the implants may shift in position, which can be corrected.

In thin patients we sometimes see “rippling” or indentations of the breast skin and soft tissue, which can usually be improved. If the implants drop too low (“bottoming out”), revision surgery can restore the desired appearance.

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Aesthetic Results

Women who are unhappy with the aesthetic results of their original breast augmentation procedure may be candidates for revisionary surgery. Larger or smaller breast implants can be inserted, and the shape of the breast can be modified. In recent years many patients have chosen to have their saline implants removed and replaced with silicone gel implants, which often give a more natural look and feel more like normal breast tissue.

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